Hebraic Roots Bible (eBook, Free)

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Hebraic Roots Bible (eBook, Free)

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Hebraic Roots Bible (eBook, Free)
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The original names of our Creator, YAHWEH, and his Son, our Savior Yahshua,
are also used throughout. The name YAHWEH or YHWH is in the original
Hebrew manuscripts 6,823 times. Almost every translation on earth, including
the King James, takes out the Creator’s personal name and replaces it with the
name Lord, a generic title that means Baal or Master. Also, our Savior’s true
given Hebrew name, Yahshua, which means "Yah is salvation" is changed to a
Greek hybrid of Jesus, which is a poor transliteration from the Greek IE-Zeus.
The English transliteration of Yahshua would be the equivalent to Joshua. There
was no letter J in any language until the 16th century. So the Greek name "Jesus"
would not be the name of our Savior.

The third commandment strictly forbids taking the name (of) YAHWEH in vain.
In vain literally means to change, falsify, or make common. Taking the name
YAHWEH or Yahshua and changing it to Lord or Jesus is definitely going against
the clear instruction of the third commandment. So we will use the original, true
Hebrew names of the Father YAHWEH and the Son Yahshua throughout this
bible translation.

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